Monday, 14 June 2010

Design Down Under

Well after finishing the final project and it all being handed in, leaving only my final grade to be awaited... I wanted to start blogging again but broadening what I blog about and thinking about further design interests aside from my university work.

Australia is a huge passion of mine, and so I carried out an online search into Australian design. To my knowledge, Australia is not as well known for design as London, Milan, Paris, New York etc, and so I would like to research this further, putting Australia firmly on the map for notable design!

The above images show the interior of an Australian Butchers, 'Victor Churchill', which won the award for 2010 Retail Design in the Australian Interior Design Awards, designed by the company, 'Dreamtime Australia Design'.

Upon first glance, I thought that this was an interior of a luxury clothing shop and it surprised me to discover that it is in fact the interior of a Butcher!

In a recent TV series by Mary Portas, Portas discusses how we are losing interest in the traditional specialist stores including the butchers and bakers to supermarket competition.

I feel that this approach to designing luxurious and innovative interiors for these independant retailers, may re-launch these stores in our contemporary society, therefore attracting new and re-gaining previous consumers, through a concept where both 'chic' and 'unique' are fast becoming factors that todays consumer are buying into...!

Any views?!

Although I enjoyed thinking about the connotations that could surround this image, ultimately it is also a beautiful piece of clever and genius design that is fully deserving of the design award that it won.

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Tuesday, 1 June 2010

New Designers 2010

My ties have made it online! Alongside some other beautiful textiles from graduates all over the country!

Make sure you check out 'New Designers' 1-11th July 2010 to see all the emerging designers this Summer!

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