Sunday, 31 January 2010

Tomas Saraceno and Cell Lighting

Tomas Saraceno 'Poetic Cosmos'.

An Argentinian artist who I came across in my research. I thought this was amazing the way that he used iridescent foil and blew it up with heat which created all these beautiful colours. An interesting way to use heat and light!

Cell Lighting 'Lighting Kaleidoscope'

Again while researching my I came across Cell Lighting. This 'Lighting Kaleidoscope' uses lighting as an interactive source encouraging activity within children while at the same time creating beautiful imagery that could constantly change.

These were just two people I came across while researching but while I am researching it is making me realise how much light can impact in everyday life. In terms of colour, it can add so much to an evironment and change it completely. Light can be something we take for granted, but the more reseach I am doing and the more photos I am taking it is becoming apparent how much we need light, how much it can influence moods and spaces and even though it is something that features in our everyday lives, it is constantly changing and adapting. It can also be very beautiful purely as it is when manipulated and viewed differently to how we see it day-to-day.

Light Photographs

(in order)

Nottingham City Centre: Love the elegance of the pattern created by light on the side of the structure

London, Trafalgar Square: natural light on architecture

I have just started working on my final project at uni and I am studying Textile Design and specialising in Weave. I want to produce a fabric that can be used for both fashion and interiors and a concept that I have chosen for inspiration is 'Light'. I chose light because I thought it would be a great opportunity to really get a good vibrant colour palette. At the moment I am just taking photo's of anything that I find interesting in terms of colour and light, particularly how light falls on architecture and the patterns it makes and also how artifical lights can produce interesting colours and patterns.

London Southbank: Merry-go-round, I like how bright the colours surrounded by the darkness of the tunnel

Nottingham, Noel Street: I like the contrast between the dark blue and the orange

Nottingham, Lace Market: Love the different colours in the windows, the gradation is something I could use as inspiration. The colours are bright which is definitely something I want to have in my project, bright, uplifting and contemporary colours.

London Oxford Street: Wanted to capture the bright bold colours of the street lighting

Stealth Nightclub Nottingham Lasers